ETG Audiobook - part 2

ETG Audiobook part 2

Hello all,

I've finished chapter two of my audiobook and it's posted here and on youtube. I recorded it using a full cast, with myself as narrator, and friends, family and colleagues playing the other parts. This process tripled the amount of time to put it all together, but it was worth it.

Transferring the audio file into something youtube could use was also a bit of a chore.

First, I opened the pdf version of my novel on screen. Then, I used Quicktime to record my screen. Then I played the audio file in the background while scrolling through the text on the pdf file, so that it synchronized to the mp3 audio. This way, people can listen, read or read and listen. Once the screen recording was done, I dumped the Quicktime video and the mp3 audio into iMovie. There, I added a couple of titles, and fiddled until everything was in sync. Then I exported the video to my desktop. Finally, I took that exported video and put it onto my youtube channel.

There has to be an easier way of doing this.

It would be nice to get more than 16 views/listens, too. Especially since I have nearly a 1000 views for my joke video, "My garage." I only posted that video as a way to figure out how to use the youtube software. My students found it, and it went viral. Why can't my audiobook go viral?

Anyway, enjoy the listen / read / listen & read.